Research, Policy and Advocacy


Connecting Home’s research worker and other staff attend conferences, meetings and network events as well as participate in training and supervising social work community development and other students. Connecting Home seeks ways to inform research and policy development in areas relevant to the Stolen Generations and intergenerational trauma.


Connecting Home is developing internal capacity to drive and contribute to research policy and advocacy by generating periodic research / discussion papers, contributing to the general knowledge base about the Stolen Generations.

We are dedicated to enhancing two way learning as per the requirements of Connecting Home Strategic Plan 2019-2024, in Objective 3- Sectorial Leadership. Our research unit enables our client’s lived experiences to inform latest development in evidence-based practices, challenging the intergenerational inequity, justice and health outcomes our clients, their families and descendants experience.

Our partnerships, networks and links with Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations and other primary health providers, with Government Human Services and with community organisations, enables us to voice our client’s concerns for culturally safe, more effective and efficient outcomes on their behalf. Support is also tailored to the Aboriginal Stolen Generation’s communities concerns; addressing past injustice towards achieving healing and connection to family, community and culture.

Our professional relationships with research organisations and stakeholders such as Link Up, The Healing Foundation, The Bouverie Centre, Lowitja Institute with relevant universities and training organisations places us at the forefront of Stolen Generations focussed research into evidence based practices in social work, community work health and justice contributing to informing and educating the general community on the importance of early interventions and adequately funded support for children, youth and the aged. The aim for this advocacy and research is to maintain social and emotional wellbeing and full citizenship for survivors and their families.

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