About Us

Connecting Home Limited was first registered in March 2010, to support survivors of the Stolen Generations across South Eastern Australia. We are an independent agency who works collaboratively across the Aboriginal and the broader Mainstream service sectors, to respond to the varied needs of the survivors, as identified by them.

In 2015, Connecting Home became the Head Office for the National Stolen Generations Alliance, which is the Peak body for agencies across Australia who support survivors of the Stolen Generations. This important additional role means that Connecting Home is now a key part of the National service system for survivors.

Our Commitment to Strong Governance:

Our Board of Directors are committed to Good Governance and is very proud of our achievements. The Board maintains a robust focus on strategically guiding the organisation to exceed our service goals and indicators, whilst also providing oversight of our resources.

The Board believes in a reconciliation approach, for the appointment of its Directors. Whilst maintaining a majority of Directors who identify as being Aboriginal people (and in particular survivors), they ensure that primarily Directors are selected for their specialist skills.

Our Commitment to Strengths Based Practice:

Connecting Home has evolved considerably from the organisation registered in 2010. Our primary focus is the individual support of survivors of the Stolen Generations through our unique Strength Based Support Program. The program assists survivors to meet their needs and attain their goals using a Person-Centred and Strength Based framework.

This framework ensures that the survivor themself is in control of their support, which is provided by appropriately qualified staff, who do not make any assumptions about the needs of the people they support. Our service is based entirely on what assistance the survivor requests. Through the use of this approach we have assisted survivors to achieve life-changing outcomes.

To compliment and reinforce our Strength Based work, Connecting Home has developed a unique Strength Based Outcomes measurement approach, which records the requests of survivors against 6 broad life areas, and measures the progress on meeting these requests. Through the development of this approach Connecting Home now has over 4 years of accurate data telling us what supports survivors are actually requesting and how successful (or not) we have been in meeting those requests. We use this information to inform our own service planning, as well as to advocate for service responses to those needs.

Our Commitment to Education:

Since 2010 Connecting Home has maintained a commitment to ensuring that the stories and truth about the Stolen Generations are shared and understood. We have developed a number of educational presentations and resources (including, booklets and DVD’s), which are tailored towards Professionals, School Age Children (all levels), Adult Students and Community.